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Powder Bulk Products, Inc.

P.O. Box 248, Lexington, MI 48450

Phone:  810.359.0130  Fax:  810.359.0132

Email:  sales@powderbulkproducts.com

Web:  www.powderbulkproducts.com


What We Do...Manufacturer's Representatives, Distributors, Design-Build-Installation of Plastic and Powder Handling Systems and Equipment 

The Dry Bulk Level Control

  • Roto-Bindicator, RF, Fork

  • Ultrasonic, Radar, YO-YO

  • Networked Level Solutions

  • Aeration Pads, Flow Switches


Rotary Air Locks, Valves, Blowers

  • Rotary Air Lock Feeders

  • Quick Clean Rotary Valves

  • Slide Gates, Diverters

  • Double Flap, Iris, Custom


Loss-In-Weights Feeders, Bin Activators 

  • Volumetric Screw Feeders

  • Bin Activators (Flow Aid)

  • Vibratory Conveyor, Screens

  • Bulk Bag Loading-Unloading

Load Cells, Bolt-On Strain Gage, Silo Weight
  • Process and Silo Weighing

  • ORB Computer Interface

  • Sanitary Level and Weight

  • “Bolt-On-Leg” Silo Weight

Dust Stabilization, Liquid Mixing, Conveyors
  • Fly Ash - Dust Stabilization

  • Planetary, Pug Mill, Dual Shaft

  • Solids and Solid - Liquid Mixing

  • Conveyors, Weigh Batching

Severe Service, Abrasion Proof Valves
  • Self-Lapping-Rotating Disk

  • 1 Million Cycle Capable

  • Steel, SS, Exotic, Custom

  • The “Ultimate Solids Valve”

NIR Moisture Measurement

  • On-Line Moisture Meters

  • Belt Conveyor, Bench Top

  • Measure in Bin, Chute, Pipe

  • Non-Contact, Ethernet

Dry Bulk Flowmeters and Flow Switches

  • Flowmeters for Powders

  • Non-Intrusive and Impact

  • Accuracy to 0.25%

  • Sound-Based Flow Sensors


Bulk Handling Equipment and Systems

  • Box and Drum Dumpers

  • Bulk Bag Loading-Unloading

  • Powder-Plastic Mixers

  • Bins, Hoppers, Conveyors

  • Turn-Key Systems, Controls

Dust Collection, Pneumatic Conveying
  • Bag and Cartridge Collectors

  • “No Compressed Air” Models

  • Receivers, Silo Bin Vents

  • Powder Conveying Systems

Flexible Screw Conveyors, Plastic Dust Removal, Magnets, Metal Detectors, Tube-Couplings, Vibrators, Delumpers,
Bag Break Stations, Fly Ash Mixers, Bag Filling Machines, Equipment Moves-Rigging, Level Control Calibration-Service


Design-Build-Installation of Plastic and Powder Handling Systems and Equipment


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